After submitting your order, the devices are usually shipped within 2-3 days.

Reliable, easy to use, affordable OBU devices for the Hungarian Electronic Toll System

i-Cell OBU S550

93 EUROne time payment, 0 EUR monthly fee
  • Change of the variable number of axes online at (e.g. when also a trailer is used)
  • Quick, Plug & Play installation (cigarette lighter operation), easy usage
  • Shipping within 2-3 days after payments received
  • Cigarette lighter operation
  • Informs about the toll-balance condition
  • Technical support by phone
  • Informs by flash lights
  • Capable of basic fleet management services
  • Compact size
  • €91/device if 6-10, €89/device if more than 11 ordered
  • 0 EUR monthly fee, free tax return assistance for 2 years
  • 1 year guarantee
  • On stock, without queuing


Webbase OBU EASY



Shipping fee

The shipping fee is 20 EUR for every 5 devices.

1-5 devices: 20 EUR
6-10 devices: 40 EUR
11-15 devices: 60 EUR

and so on.