From the 1st July 2013 a new distance dependent electronic toll system will be introduced in Hungary. It will affect a total of 6513 km of the Hungarian road network (motorways, highways and main roads).

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The new system called HU-GO meets both the technological requirements of the European Union and the guidelines of the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS).

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The obligation goes for vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonnes maximum weight. The distance related fee depends on the followings: the kind of way the vehicle aims to use (highway, speedway, motorway or road), the category of the vehicle (J2, J3, J4) and the emission standards. Over 3.5 tonnes maximum weight the vehicle categories are based on the number of axles: J2 stands for vehicles with two axles, J3 for three axles, and J4 stands for four (or more) axles. The buses (B2) and vehicles covered by D1 category will be entitled to purchase the e-toll sticker system as before.

Hungarian electronic toll calculator

How to use the new toll system?

The HU-GO toll system offers two ways for payments:

  • on-board tool (with the help of an acknowledgement contributor)
  • pre-purchased tickets

It is important to know that you need to register for the toll service (AAK), without that you can only drive when pre-purchasing tickets.

Join till 20 June 2013 on the customer service site ( or at designated sales points.

1. On-board-unit (acknowledgement/ payment contributor)

For those who often use domestic toll roads, this management services business  that offers an on-board devise for  toll payments can be a convenient solution. Users have to pre-register for the toll service (AAK), and make a contract with one of the acknowledgement/payment contributors. Users prepay for the use of toll roads by setting up an account when registering for the service. The account will be led by the (ÁAK) and users have to pay a certain amount in advance that will cover the use of toll roads.

2. Pre-purchased relational tickets

Users of the HU-GO system can pre-purchase their relational tickets on Internet, on the customer service site of HU-GO ( or buy their tickets at sales points (contact centres, resellers) or placed terminals (kiosks) where they also have the opportunity of pre-planning the route. For this, one must set the start and end points of the route (with up to four points of contact) then enter the main data of the vehicle (registration number, nationality, environmental department, number of axles, the maximum permissible weight, truck stop notice, vehicle height). Relational tickets must be pre-purchased! All users must buy their tickets before the use of the  toll roads (up to 30 days in advance can be obtained). The pre-purchased relational tickets are valid for two calendar days, while directly before the toll sections purchased relational ticket will be valid until the end of the next calendar day, and in both cases only provides a one-time right to use the planned route.

Customer services and sales points

The State Motorway Management Co. Ltd., (henceforth  SMMC) awaits its  customer in 20 service offices for  administration and selling on HU-GO system. In addition, the SMMC will open three selling points near Hegyeshalom and Rajka  (methods of payment: dollar and euro, bank cards, fuel cards). In addition to the above, the company will establish  an extensive, nearly 1,700 sales points, also covering the border stations, so to build a network of dealers throughout the whole country. Additionally, tickets can be also purchased through the HU-GO customer service site, on

Fee control

The control of unauthorized usage of the toll road system in Hungary will take place in two different ways. Basically there will be stationary monitoring stations (Internet) and vehicles with installed mobile charge control equipments (without stopping the traffic). In addition, the existing control system of the SMMC, thanks to the technical infrastructure, will be fully able to collect the necessary data, even in changing weather and lighting conditions, day and night, so to determine whether the vehicles paid the fees required.

In case of infringement  there are two ways to be fined:

  • on-site – stopping by – control of  the road user;
  • without on-site stopping, application of a principle, so-called objective liability, to the registered vehicle owner/keeper.

Also foreigners can be fined retrospectively, without stopping on the spot, that is, when the unauthorized user will be next back to the country.

How to purchase the on-board unit?

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